We’ve Moved! Or, Hello Again!

Hello again! It sure has been a long time. I blame having a child and being bored by most appellate decisions in the past three years. That being said, there are some fresh appellate decisions we will discuss moving forward and there are remarkable changes in Virginia’s code related to family law that we will also discuss. In the mean time, you can now find us at WillowWood Plaza, 10300 Eaton Place, Suite 260, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. We will see you there.

Virginia Divorce: Changing your life insurance beneficiary after divorce – when enough isn’t enough

“Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?” – Morissette, Alanis. “Ironic.” Jagged Little Pill. Maverick/Reprise. 1995.

The most common person to name as the primary beneficiary on your life insurance policy is your spouse. This is something that folks often do without putting much thought into it, and when they first take out a policy. As a result it is no wonder that when people get divorced years or sometimes decades later, they often forget to go back and change that beneficiary designation so that their ex doesn’t get paid when they die. Worry not! Continue reading